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 About  HGS Computers, LLC

  We help small businesses, home office workers and home users, primarily in Prince William County, Virginia and surrounding cities. Description HGS Computers,  provides Professional services IT tech support, Computer and cellphone repair for Windows, Mac OS. custom built computers Networking, Wi-Fi and camera security system install, more services available call to know more about it.  customers in Manassas, Fairfax and surrounding areas(DC, VA, MD) 


Data Recovery - Backup solution - Networking 

A computer is just a machine that can be replaced but your precious data, photos, music, videos, and documents are what is truly important. Our technicians will come to the rescue when your digital life is in jeopardy. We have specialized tools and techniques that help up get your data back safely and securely. Whether your computer will not turn on, your hard drive is crashed, your operating system is corrupted, or your external hard drive will not show up we will do our best to recover as much as we can, as fast as we can. We also offer free data recovery consultations and diagnostics

Liquid Damage Repair

The worst of the worst. We all know that sinking feeling when you spill something into your laptop or your phone drops into the water. Luckily the technicians at Love Haight Computers are experts at getting your device to function again. We have special training and equipment which helps us dive deep into the components of your machine and salvage any parts that we can while giving you a great deal on the parts that we can't. Your device may not have to be replaced after all. If for whatever reason if your device is not repairable we will do our best to make sure your data doesn't end up down the drain.

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​​​ Laptop and Desktop Repair

When your laptop or desktop is not working at its best it can be a real problem. Depend on us to get it working again fast so that you can get back to work. From hard drive and memory upgrades to logic board repair, our well-trained technicians are ready to help. We will do our best to get your machine back to you quickly and affordably while paying close attention to saving your precious information. Unlike other shops, we take extra steps to ensure the safety of your data through the repair process. After all your computer is replaceable but your memories and information are not.